Royal Oak is one of the five safest cities in Michigan, according to the data  firm Munetrix. You can see our police officers overseeing events like Arts Beats and Eats and the Dream Cruise, visiting downtown businesses and providing security advice to neighborhood associations.   


Our fire department responds to more than 4,000 EMS incidents a year. The department offers lock boxes which will give firefighters easy access to a home during an emergency. The department inspects businesses and reviews plans for proposed new structures.

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A city that is accessible to its older residents is accessible to everyone! Our Age-Friendly Task force is developing programs to make necessary services available, remove barriers in outdoor spaces and buildings, deliver important information and ensure inclusion.

Our complete streets initiative continues to make it easier to safely walk and bike here. 

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Royal Oak is a dining and entertainment destination for the region. We look forward to post-pandemic times when guests will fully return to our stores and restaurants.


Many of our residents moved here because they enjoyed visiting our local businesses. We need to make sure that we offer housing options so people of all means and demographics can enjoy our neighborhoods, walkable destinations and 50+ parks.

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Royal Oak was the first city in Michigan to be designated LEED For Cities certified. The city is writing a sustainability plan to achieve the city commission-approved goal of reducing greenhouse gases by 40% by 2030 and net zero by 2050.


Real estate developers must replace every tree they cut down with two more or pay fees so the city can plant trees elsewhere. Bioswales and green infrastructure added during street improvements help remove rainwater from the combined sewer system.

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